Moving From Desires to Decisions


Desires are good, decisions are better. The devil is not afraid of your desires, he trembles when your desires are turned to decisions. A desire is a show of intention while a decision is a concrete commitment to making that intention a reality. A decision is a desire turned to an action. “I have decided” means “I’m committed to getting it done”

Desires are good starters but never good finishers. Desires set the targets but decisions help to meet the targets. Do you know that I didn’t only desire to write this article, the reason you are reading it is because I decided to write it. I took my tablet and then I began to type the words one after the other! Nothing gets done until you decide to get it done.

Let me highlight certain areas of your life where you have to move from desires to decisions. Though this may not be exhaustive but I believe you can apply same principle to other areas of your life not mentioned in this article.

Decide to be a better Christian in words and deeds

Let it not be said about you that you are just a Christian by name but your behaviour or manner of life does not depict the same. You quarrel at work and make trouble in your neighbourhood. You are cantankerous towards your spouse and unruly towards those you meet. You harbour unforgiveness and never let go of bitterness. My brethren, these things ought not to be. You have to decide to change for the better. Decide to spend quality time in the Word and prayer, this is how we drop bad habits and pick up good ones. We are changed as we behold who we truly are in the light of God’s Word.

Decide to improve on your skills.

Personal development is critical to making progress in life. You can be better than what you are right now. You can become more productive than what you are seeing currently in your business or career. Don’t allow complacency and laziness to impede your movement in your chosen path of endeavour. Decide to get better at what you do. Get that additional qualification, go for that professional conference, etc.

Make the move!

Decide you’re not going to repeat past mistakes

The mistakes of the past have a funny way of casting shadows on our steps, they can hunt us if we let them. They either bring condemnation to our minds thereby slowing down our pace or we just succumb to repeating them again and again. One critical thing you must imbibe on your life’s journey is to learn from your past mistakes and decide to never repeat them. Trust the Spirit of God within to help you navigate your way through. No more condemnation for you, move ahead with confidence, face your fears and conquer them.

Decide on the kind of friends/company you will keep

“He that walks with the wise shall become wise” …the bible says “…the companion of fools shall be destroyed” Prov 13:20. Evil communications corrupt good manners 1 Cor 15:33. The friends we keep influence us either positively or negatively. You have to say goodbye to friends who do not make meaningful contribution to your progress in life. You don’t reward people beyond their level of contribution to your life. Rewards can be in form of time, attention, money, materials etc. Friendship is not one-way direction, …Solomon stated “He that has friends must himself be friendly…” Prov 18:24.

Decide to be successful

Success doesn’t just happen, you have to work towards it. Success is spelled W-O-R-K! Begin to get necessary tools that will equip you to becoming a success in whatever career you have chosen. Start connecting with the kind of people who are already doing well on that path…maybe you have to work with them for a while, maybe you have to get their books and read them, maybe you have to attend their seminars, just maybe you have to meet with them personally. Just do something! Go and submit that application! Don’t take “No” for an answer! Make sure in whatever you do, you are moving closer everyday towards your destination of success. I sincerely wish you well.

Decide to be patient

In a fast pace world, where everybody wants to become somebody quickly, there is a tendency to move with speed that your ability or capacity can’t sustain! Patience is what holds you steady! Patience is consistency without compromise. Patience is focus without distraction. When you are patient, you are not laid back but you are never in a hurry. Haste muddles up things in our lives. Think through every step that you take, don’t compare yourself with others. Patience is perseverance in the midst of opposition. Be patient and I see you arriving at your destination of fulfillment.

Lots of love. Cheers.