Concerning Quiet Time and Family Altar (Part 1)


At one time, we thought Quiet time was old fashion

To gather your family together for prayer time in the morning became old school

We thought waking up early in the morning before doing anything to pray and study the bible was legalistic

So we said, “you don’t have to rise up early in the morning to pray or study the bible”. Just pray as you go. Meditate on the Word as you shower. Play a teaching tape as you drive to work. You can do spiritual things anywhere you find yourself. Just live a fasted life…you don’t have to consecrate a fast i.e. set a day in a week aside to fast and pray

Listen to me beloved, we actually believed a half truth.

Yes, it’s true we can do all that, but there must be a solid foundation upon which that kind of lifestyle of fellowship with the Father is built. In a bid to curb an extreme practice we often become extreme in another practice

It is like the teaching on “tithing” The fact that the practice is not new testament based does not mean a believer cannot set aside voluntarily 10% of his weekly or monthly earnings and give it in honour to God and His Work on earth. 10% can be a good place to begin a lifestyle of selfless and sacrificial giving. Some people hear “NO MORE TITHE” message as “NO MORE DISCIPLINE IN REGULAR FINANCIAL GIVING” Then they become very stingy. They consider their personal needs first before they push their left over to God’s work. We are not under the law does not mean we should be lawless. The grace of God is not a permission for careless and licentious lifestyle

Here is the point, those who taught us quiet time wanted us to have a PATTERN OF PRAYER DEVOTION and not ACCIDENTAL PRAYER TIMES. I was raised that way. It’s no wonder by the grace of God, I have a discipline of commitment to God’s Word, His Work and His people today. A foundation was laid dutifully by my parents and beautifully so. Although at that time I felt they were disturbing my sleep. Spiritual things are not accidentally encountered, they are deliberately practiced before they become a lifestyle. And even when they become a lifestyle, you don’t forget the pattern that helped you develop that lifestyle or else another thing entirely becomes your lifestyle

So what am I saying in essence? Personal quiet time is not outdated. Family altar (a nuclear family gathering together early in the morning before daddy leaves for work or mummy does the chores and kids leave for school) is not old fashion. You may not like the word “altar”, change it to “platform” or “devotion” or whatever you like. Just have a pattern for your prayer life and that of your immediate family…do spiritual things first before you engage in the time consuming and energy sapping activities of the day. Nothing is wrong with extending same to the members of your immediate family. If you all can bond watching a movie together, going to a restaurant together, travelling together, what makes you think doing spiritual things together is obsolete? Nothing puts children on the path of spiritual development like watching their parents practice spiritual things in their living room or bed room. It leaves impressionable marks on their young minds. A discipline is enforced which they carry into adulthood. It inculcates in them prioritizing spiritual activities over and above anything else

You see, spiritual habits are like oxygen that our spiritual walk depends on. Don’t “grace out” practices that will make you spiritually stable and alert. What you do first thing in the morning usually set a tone for the course of events of the day. The Jewish patriarchs knew this and practiced same.

Jesus did too…He is our example

We will look at this in the second part of this series

Get up now and have a quiet time of prayer and meditation in the Word. Lead your family in the same.

You are deeply loved!