Church Attendance!


Every church attendance begins with good planning. Nobody gets to the church on time and participates adequately without planning for it.

Don’t be an Accidental Church Attendant (ACA). Be a Disciplined Church Participant (DCP)

An ACA only realizes that he/she needs to be in church when he/she wakes up in the morning. He/she gets to church late habitually and only attend as “Sunday ritual”

A DCP plans ahead of time, a day before service. Sometimes, days before. The thought of being in Church gives him/her joy! He/she is excited about joining other believers in the local church he/she belongs, to worship, listen to the Word and fellowship. A DCP is not one who gives excuses for coming late or not coming at all. A DCP is a God lover, people lover and a Pastor’s delight any day

Everyone of us can choose to be a DCP and not an ACA

Heaven takes seriously those who take the matters of the local church. You see beloved, the last move of God these last days is THE LOCAL CHURCH. Nothing is more important than the local church.

Big meetings come and go. Crusades, TV programmes, social media bible joints CANNOT provide what the local church provides for you

The local church is God’s covering for the believer. The local church is God’s family for the solitary (lonely). The local church is God’s kitchen for the hungry (spiritual food, that is). The local church is God’s bootcamp (training ground) for the spiritually zealous man. The local church is God’s answer for the confused. The local church is God’s hospital for the sick

The local church is THE PLACE!

No place is bigger than the local church. 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 people, the size does not matter. The substance is the focus!

When you find yourself in one that has the above listed characteristics, you must see yourself as blessed. Many are roaming about who are yet to find one

I can attest to this because I was once there!

In year 95, I looked and looked for a local church where I could be fed spiritually, I had read books but they were not satisfying. Oh I found one! Yes, 1996 was a remarkable year in my life. I found what I had been looking for!

When you find a Local Church of Substance (LCS). Don’t belittle it…Don’t trivialize it…Don’t get too familiar….Don’t move far away from it… The future belongs only to those who pay attention to matters of the local church. Choose to be a Disciplined Church Participant and not a flaky Accidental Church Attendant

This Sunday, I am in that number. I plan from now to be in church early. I have a stake in my local church

I will be there on time to help with the chair arrangement and cleaning. I will be there to join other believers in the time of prayer. I will be there to sing and lift up holy hands in worship. I will be there to listen to the teaching thereby take comprehensive notes

I will be there to give financially what I have set aside to give tonight. I will be there to fellowship with other believers immediately after service

I am a DCP and not an ACA!!!