A Shepherd’s Heart


I wrote this in honour of shepherds who are sincerely and genuinely labouring in the Word and doctrine over God’s flock, yet despised and abused by some of those under their care. Be encouraged, great is your reward in the presence of your Chief Shepherd (1 Pet. 5:1-4).

A Shepherd’s Heart

Some people wonder
Funny, I marvel too
What makes a pastor thick?
What is paramount on his heart?
Why can’t he get people off his mind
Even when some are long gone
A topsy turvy emotion
A roller coaster affection

Why does he look after the stubborn
The unstable and the uncommitted?
Why does he give and give sometimes to his detriment?
Why does he labour without any favour in sight?
Why does he correct or rebuke when he knows that the member could be offended and stop coming?
How does he smile through pains and storms?
It is nothing but a Shepherd’s heart

A pastor is not an informer but a reformer
He is more than a teacher, a trainer he is
A moulder of lives and generations
A lover of people and never their abuser
Though he corrects and does it with love
He may be firm but certainly not hard
Tough but not rough
He is selfless yet fearless
Stressed but not to the point of despair
He hopes against hope till men get better in their walk in Christ.
His life’s goal is to help others know what he knows
Do effortlessly what he does and be all God has called them to be

It’s a shepherd’s heart and a shaper’s hand
Large enough to contain all
Strong enough to withstand arrows of pressure
Outstretched with an elastic capacity that never recoils

If you have a pastor who has one, blessed are you
If you desire to be pastored by one, the Chief Shepherd leads you to him
If you pray to have one, your prayer is answered
It is with a shepherd’s heart that God changes lives

One step at a time
Atimes slowly but surely
Causing them to see the Father in human form
Thereby glorifying Him in every way

(c) 2018 Adedayo Ponnle