Who are we?
Fellows in the same ship
Born from the same womb
Bound by the cords of love
Sharers of the common faith

Treasures within our vessels
Creatures of divinity
Pleasures of eternity
Humanity our equality

Future in view nothing can stop us
No foe can hinder us except we permit
Led by the Spirit we go
Fed by the Word we grow
Ignited by passion we glow
Consumed by His love we flow
We are fellows, yes we Are!

Fellows though there maybe billows
Blowing winds of divisions
Tall walls of denominations
Thin lines of doctrinal differences
Yet consummate salvation we possess
Heaven our home we dwell

Eyes on the goal never to groan
Many a territory ever to own
This gospel we preach with gusto
Where He leads we follow
Fellows that’s what we are!