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Christ Revealing Church, an arm of The Exalted Christ Ministries began in a living room at the Staff Quarters of Asokoro District
Hospital, Asokoro, Abuja – Nigeria on the 1st of April, 2012 with just 3 people in attendance….


Church Mission

  • We teach and train believers to understand and be established in who they are, what they have and what they can do in Christ.
  • We emphasize a strong atmosphere of New Testament worship where Christ is the focus and impossibilities become possible.

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Our Pastor

Adedayo Ponnle is a teacher of The Word whose passion is to see Christians walk in the reality of the revelation of eternal life in them. He believes the knowledge of the person and the finished work of Christ is the main ingredient for victorious living.


He has served in different capacities ranging from being a worker in various departments to Assistant Pastor in other local churches for more than two decades. He serves the Lord Jesus and the CRC Family as a pastor.


He is happily married to Omotola who is also a minister of the Gospel. They are blessed with a lovely daughter.




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Solomon statedOpen rebuke is better than secret love Prov. 27:5,6A lot of times, your response to open/public rebuke ultimately reveals the state of your heartWhenever your ego is bruised or your personal defense shattered into pieces by an open correction, your default response is to want to question the motive behind such action and not to reflect on the veracity of the substance of such correction. Why am I being degraded in front of everybody? I should have been called to a room/space to be told this? Another way some people respond is by developing a thick skin towards such corrections. That's the way that person is. He/she talks anyhow, they don't mean well for me. That man does not have my best interest at heart. I don't know what to do again to please him. You see, every correction has embedded in it character reformation which usually ends up in spiritual growth and stability. Sometimes as a pastor, I deliberately, intentionally, on purpose publicly correct those who follow me. I want to really know the state of their hearts. Are they just following because they feel good about it or they have a deep seated persuasion about following me. Are these ones really built to last? I've seen zeal dwindle, excitement wane as a result of this. Some invariably stop following, some are physically present but mentally absent. I've seen it over the years. I've seen also how some change for the better. They sit up! They take the substance of the correction to heart, they look for ways to make amends, they become better and not bitter! Yes… those who accept this process are better for it.. Jesus used this principle often in his earthly walk. Peter was openly rebuked.. He was called Satan after answering a question correctly but he was still corrected when he did something wrong! Matt. 16Discipleship is not built around emotionalism and sensationalism. Leadership is not tea party! Jesus lost majority of his disciples when he communicated with them his conviction. John 6.Paul openly corrected individuals in his epistles.. Names were mentioned publicly. Anyone who rejects open correction is a time bomb! Only tested men can be trusted. Excitement does not birth stability, only"exertment" does! Some force must be applied on you. You must be told what you don't like! If all we do is laugh and laugh, we are deceiving ourselves. Truth must be told, you must be confronted to have a solid front! Therefore when you have a leader in your life, a parent or someone in position of authority who confronts you with the truth either publicly or privately, you should be glad because CORRECTION is God's safety mechanism for longevity both in life and ministry. Those who are corrected and they yield to such are preserved. The purpose of correction is not destruction, rather it is preservation. I hope this meets you well. Good morning. ... See MoreSee Less
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This week On GOODNEWS TODAY WITH ADEDAYO PONNLE LOVE FM 104.5 ABUJA Monday - Friday 6:30amAs it is our tradition with every bible subject we consider, Pastor lays a foundation for the teaching series titled "THE MINISTRY OF THE SPIRIT". He calls it "Bible study 101"It promises to be enlightening and refreshing Tune in and help tell a friend also See flier for details Jesus is Lord www.christrevealingchurch.org ... See MoreSee Less
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I salute youYes you… The devotion you have to Jesus is worth salutingDespite and in spite of it allYou still wake up in the morning to prayReading your Bible and church notes is not a pass time for you Yes I salute youEconomic hardship or notYou still come to churchFrom that distanceEvery service, you stand to be countedYou are not part of the woke generation, the online gangNo excusesYou have not chosen the easy way out! Your heart bleeds when you see the lostYou fall on your knees to prayYour mouth is not heavy to proclaim the good news I salute you SirYes MaThese days men and women like you are rareDistractions everywhereYou still maintain your focusHa, I salute you MaYou have chosen to love the brethren unconditionally You give yourself to God's work and give of yourselfYou are not counted among the "discouraged lot"Those who wait to be inspired by othersYou are self motivated If it is God's work, it must be doneIf it is God's word, it must be acted uponIf they are God's men, they must be honored I salute you Don't be wearyDon't let go this precious zealDon't allow those who are dragging their feet discourage youThe old prophets around may want to dissuade the "young prophet" in youThose who say they have been around, they've seen it allNever mind them… don't pay attention to their snidesKeep your gazeProtect your innocenceGuard your heart There maybe several salutes like mine along the wayAppreciate them but don't take them to heart The journey is still longThe Master's work must be done Keep at it till He says well doneI indeed salute you ... See MoreSee Less
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Watch out for a new teaching series onGOOD NEWS TODAYwith Adedayo Ponnle LOVE FM 104.5 ABUJAMonday - Friday6:30amTHE MINISTRY OF THE SPIRITThe following questions will be answered through the scripturesWho is the Holy Spirit?Beyond the emblems, dove, fire, wind, oil etcWhat did Jesus say about His ministry?What is His ministry on the earth today?How does He operate in, with and through the believer?These and much more will be exploredThis new series begins to air next weekTune in and help tell a friendJesus is LordSee flier for detailswww.christrevealingchurch.org ... See MoreSee Less
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